Epoxy Paint

You can give your concrete a showroom look using epoxy paint. Epoxy coatings aren't new – they have been used for years on industrial floors because of their toughness, durability, and resistance to oil, grease, water, most cleaners, mild acids, gasoline, solvents and shop chemicals that ruin regular paint. That's why many mechanic's shops and dealerships use them. In the past few years, however, it has become a growing trend for homeowners.

Epoxy paint is a great idea for garage floors and basement floors to cover dull, gray concrete and give you attractive, easy to clean surfaces. It prevents damage to your concrete floor from spills and leaky automobiles and helps maintain a strong concrete surface. It will greatly reduce the need for floor repairs down the road caused by salts and chemicals that chew up concrete.

Although this ultra hard, protective finish is usually used on floors, it may also be used on ceilings and walls. It can be used in bathrooms, bathtubs, sauna rooms, poolrooms, and shops.

The benefits of epoxy floor paint include:
• Long Lasting
• Attractive
• Rustproof
• Waterproof
• Salt and Acid Resistant
• Reduced Maintenance Costs
• Nontoxic when dry


Erik & Jenny Massie, Homeowners,
Jackson, OH

Premier Painting recently applied epoxy paint to our two year-old
garage floor. We couldn't be happier with the finished product!
The new floor looks nice and is very easy to clean. The cracks and
imperfections are hardly noticeable. The epoxy paint would be
great in a basement to give a clean, finished look. We highly